About Us

After six years of timber framing in the New England area, we traveled through the United States for several years working with other timber framers to learn how the rest of the country framed.  From New Hampshire to Florida, and Texas to Washington State, we applied our skills and learned new tricks from a variety of framing companies and talented individuals.

This travel taught us many valuable lessons, most important of which, the value of communication and relationships. We have taken these varied experiences and combined them into a business model that focuses on the client. We understand the emotional and financial investment you are making and strive to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience

A few years ago we longed for a more permanent address and put a stake in the ground in Cody, Wyoming. With our new shop and office we are more prepared then ever to work with you on your next project.

Gunnstock Timber Frames is a company dedicated to building quality timber frame structures across the country. If a boat, plane, or truck can deliver the material to your building site, then we can build your dream.

Our Team

Chris Gunn

Chris came to timber framing over a dozen years ago after a career in genetic research. His passion for the craft led him to pursue timber framing as a career, which has taken him all over the country. He believes the best way to learn this craft is to expose yourself to different approaches and pick the one that works best for you. Years working in shops from coast to coast have indeed exposed Chris to many different approaches and styles, and he has put this experience into Gunnstock Timber Frames. Chris is an active member of the Timber Framers Guild, instructing at over a half-dozen projects, and currently serves on its Board of Directors.

Laura Viklund Gunn

Introduced to timber framing while studying sculpture at the Massachusetts College of Art, Laura has continued to pursue her love for the craft. She has worked as a joiner in shops from Cape Cod to Illinois and Texas and participated in half a dozen project with the Timber Framers Guild. Laura received her Masters of Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 2011 and presented her Masters thesis on Sustainable and Affordable homes of the Mountain West. Her combination of design skills and understanding of the trade are an invaluable resource to Gunnstock Timber Frames.